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You'll find information on this site, in the blog posts and on, to help with your mindfulness practice.
And you and your pets will experience more joy and have fun together.

I finally decided to listen to my healthcare providers. They had been nagging about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. They kept telling me to just focus on my breath, calling it mindfulness. Wow, was that painful. I could barely sit still for even five minutes--how was I supposed to last longer than that?

One day, in pure desperation, I decided to try. I entered my room, shutting the door in the face of Pago, my sweet, unsuspecting Schipperke.  He whined and barked and scratched at the door until I finally let him in. Once he jumped onto my lap, I started to pet him and realized, oh my, I was being mindful. I was neither worrying nor ruminating.

You don't necessarily have to endure long retreats away from home.  It doesn't even have to mean sitting like a pretzel on a meditation cushion. Together we'll learn how to practice Petitations® (Pet-Centered Meditations), do at-home-retreats, go to the zoo, eat, enjoy music, exercise and even drive mindfully. We'll read fun and accessible mindfulness books, and find online apps with the guided mindfulness meditations that I prefer to the long silent ones.

Before you know it, you'll be incorporating mindfulness in your daily life and having fun doing it.  I'd be surprised if this doesn't improve your physical and mental health, your relationships, and your quality of life.

I would love any and all feedback and will incorporate your ideas and stories into future posts.

Dr. Paige

Pippi the Puppy Learns to Practice Mindfulness

This book featuring Pippi the puppy, a shiny black Schipperke, and her brother Norman the grumpy cat, is being distributed all over the world. Follow Pippi on a day of adventures as she learns about mindfulness and gratitude.

This is the first book in a series. The next books will include: "Pippi the Puppy Learns to be Kind to Herself and Others," "Norman Learns to Look on the Bright Side," "Pippi and Norman Learn about Service Animals,"Pippi and Norman Meet Hero Dogs" and "Nami the Dog Teaches Pippi Yoga."

The second book is in the process of being illustrated by Zanne deJanvier and will be printed by December 31, 2019.​

If you want a copy of the first book, provide your mailing address and we will send you a copy. We just ask that you make a donation to an animal-related nonprofit of your choice.


The books have been enjoyed by children aged 2–14 and even by adults.

Illustrations © 2019 Zanne deJanvier. All rights reserved.

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    Pippi the Puppy Learns About Mindful

    Book cover. Art © 2019 Zanne deJanvier. Design by Zanne deJanvier.