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Gratitude the Fun Way!

Pippi and I celebrate Thanksgiving (and other days during the year) by doing a Gratitude Petitation. It's similar to a standard gratitude meditation, but instead of focusing on yourself first, you focus on a more important being, your pet(s)--just ask them.

First, you try and get at least one of you pets to sit with you (sometimes we have to do it without their cooperation).

Take a couple of deep breaths and check in with your body.

Then you think about all the wonderful things your pet(s) offer you and how it feels in your body.

Then you ponder important people in your life and do the same thing.

Next, is physical things (housing, heat/AC, running water).

You think about yourself and three things that you like about yourself.

You go back to your pet.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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