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"I Love Writing for Middle Graders" Interview with Jennifer Gennari

in her first book, "My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer," June fights the bigotry in her rural town in Vermont when her mother weds her female partner. This book, although never

obsolete, is even more important as it, and books like it, are banned in several states and as the Supreme Court considers taking on gay marriage once again.

In "Muffled," Amelia learns to cope with noise sensitivity in loud Boston with the help of ear muffs. She learns that noise, although tremendously difficult, can be wonderful (the laughter of her new friend, trombone music with a mute, the pages of books turning).

Jennifer, along with being a talented author, choosing interesting and important topics, teaches writing and editing courses and sees private clients.

You can find her at

For a full interview listen to her conversation with Dr. Paige at:

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