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Mindful, Happy Adults: A New Podcast

Mindful, Happy Adults has been created to introduce adults to mindfulness in an accessible, interesting, and comprehensive way. it will include Petitations that can be practiced with and without pets and readings from Dr. Paige's book The Petitation Companion--the adventures of Pago, a scientifically-minded, quasi-Buddhist dog, Pippi, his bratty little sister and Norman, the grumpy cat. These readings are appropriate for adults and children alike.

In addition, Elisabeth will interview yoga instructors, musicians and other artists, TV personalities, teachers, nutritionists, practitioners, authors, and scientists.

There will also be summaries of relevant research on mindfulness.

I have quite the line-up of interviews. I will be starting with Natalie Hagwood, a cello teacher and performer and member of Dear Darling, a folk trio with a string bass player, a guitar player and Natalie, playing an electronic cello. They play empowerment, unconditional love and self-compassionate lyrics.

We will be talking about the influence of music in Natalie's childhood, what it’s like to teach kids and her work with Dear Darling. The first half of the interview is about her teaching and the second half of her interview explores her interesting childhood as a musician. They are both available to listen to.

Mindful, Happy Adults can be found on Stitcher and Spotify at no cost.

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