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Mindful, Happy Kids: A New Podcast

Updated: May 13, 2020

Mindful, Happy kids

Petitations, mindfulness and self-compassion for kids

Featuring the reading of Elisabeth's books and sharing of stories, short Petitations (with or without pets), short interviews with musicians, therapists, children’s yoga instructors, meditations teachers, TV personalities, the director of a compassion reading program, artists, authors, researchers, robotics club leaders, legos clubs and many more.

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WOW….it’s almost time for the first podcast….It’s perfect for those of you who are raising kids of any ages and are wanting more mindful things to do with them.

I started my thought process with my own experiences of mindful play with 18 year old to 6 year olds where we sing, dance, listen to music, meditate and play with realistic looking stuffed animals (except the ever so popular unicorns), use the happy ball (roll to each other and name 5 things that make them happy), play with kaleidoscopes, snow globes, stretchy bands, bubbles, and read animal books including the couple of books I’ve written on mindfulness, self-compassion and kids written from a puppy and a cat’s perspective.

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