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New Year's Resolution: Writing My Dreams

The Filing Cabinet From My Dream: Mine Is Not Quite This Bad

I’ve been reading a book, You Can Be a Winning Writer, by Joan Gelfand. She highly recommended that writing down your dreams can be a really important part of one’s writing career.

So, I took her up on it and started writing down my dreams. Some have been really fun: comparing raising a kitten to raising a puppy.

Which are Healthier and Happier When Raised Under the Same Conditions: Puppies or Kittens?

Some have been scary like being chased by a jaguar.

Being Chased by a Jaguar

Then there was the one dream that fed right into my New Year’s resolutions. I tend to be a bit of a hoarder with paperwork—old electric and veterinary bills, old checks, even old magazines that I’ve already read--some up to five or six years old.

In my dream, I went through my four-draw filing cabinet and shredded all the documents that were no longer relevant and refiled those documents that were important and updated so that I could clean off the piles on my desk and my kitchen table and de-clutter my house.

My Kitchen Table Post-resolution

I am going to start on this project bit by bit as part of my New Year’s resolution to the delight of my partner.

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