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Steve Berg and Dr. Elisabeth Paige: Conversation About Health

Steve Berg and his wife Judy along with their son and several partners have two successful wellness centers on Long Island, New York. Integrity Wellness Center is located in Commack and STOA Wellness is located in Greenvale. Their approach to wellness is holistic and emphasizes the mind/body connection. The centers offer trigger point therapy, medical targeted tissue massage, nutritional coaching and psychotherapy. They also sell multiple CBD and nutritional products.

As a happy couple in their mid 60s, Steve and Judy try to model healthy exercise and eating and having something to keep your mind and soul occupied in retirement.

Steve rides, swims and bikes sprint triathlons in part because he is competitive and partially to stay in shape. He loves training in the pool in his backyard as his German Sheppard/bulldog circles the pool.

When their gym closed because of the pandemic, Judy and Steve began working out together in their home. "She taught me flexibility and I taught her endurance." They love working out together and Steve believes that exercise is a critical part of a healthy retirement and can enhance a relationship.

You can find out more about Steve and his centers at the podcast, Mindful, Happy Kids: And go to his website directly at

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