• Dr. Elisabeth Paige

Watching a Musical Mindfully

A Christmas Carol

What movie is more uplifting even to those of us who tend to be grinches around the holidays than A Christmas Carol? I was lucky enough to see this as a musical put on by the Sacramento Theatre Company today.

It’s always hard for me to remain mindful when seeing a musical. There’s the set, which in this case was magnificent. Lots of switching back and forth between scenes with well-done lighting.

Then there’s the music, once again, terrific with a great sound system and fun music. With an emphasis on my two favorites the French horns and percussion, both of which I play. The singing, even by young musicians was impressive.

Beautiful Horn Parts!

While this is all going on in the background, you have to follow the storyline; in this case not too complicated but still…

The acting was phenomenal, especially Scrooge. He was humorous, had a great voice for speaking and singing, and was convincing in his role.

I was captivated the whole time, it was just a question of what was grabbing my attention moment to moment. I tried to be mindful of the whole experience and was mostly successful.

All I know is that we got tickets to another performance, The Secret Garden, performed by the youth organization trained by these actors and actresses as soon as we got home.

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