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Writer's Block--Find Inspirations

Find Inspiration in the holidays

How to deal with writer’s block…Find inspiration!

I’m one of those writers that goes in and out of writing spurts but I find it very frustrating and I tend to beat up on myself when I’m not writing (see my post on Teflon and Velcro….I definitely need more Teflon and less Velcro right about now).

I have arranged for a few events over the holidays to inspire my writing. You’ll see over the next few days-- I’m going to a musical, re-attending a fantastic exhibit at a local museum by artist Loet Vanderveen, going to a couple of movies, and going to Drumline, the show--all mindfully.

A piece from the exhibit Modern Menagerie by Loet Venderveen

Drumline..what a show!

I’ll also do a few pieces on approaching new and familiar restaurants mindfully.

I just went to a fabulous book reading by the National Women’s Book Association-San Francisco Chapter and bought three books and then one more referenced in one of the books, two kindle and three to listen to while I spin on the bikes at the gym. They author’s genre’s ranged from children’s books to historical fiction and everything in between.

The first book I’ll review is the collection of stories written by a traveling veterinarian in Sacramento. But, I’ll save the absolutely hilarious stories for the review.

I heard over and over by these 18 talented writers as they read their work about the importance of poetry. The only thing that I know about poetry is the beautiful poems I heard in a self-compassion class I took and my favorite authors, Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. So, I found a free online course through Coursera on poetry with a fantastic teacher. He really knows how to teach an online class and I hope that I’m able to at least understand poetry better and become inspired in the process.

The morale of the story is, that for me, when I go into a writer’s block I need to think about what will inspire me to write. Along with my blog posts, I also have the workbook to persevere through so I an always put some time into that project.

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